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Chemistry Textbook: Chemistry In Context Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society, 8th Edition to be published in February 2014 by McGraw Hill

A project of the American Chemical Society

Author team: Catherine H. Middlecamp, Michael Mury, Karen L. Anderson, Anne K. Bentley, Michael C. Cann, Jamie P. Ellis, Kathleen L. Purvis-Roberts

ACS Chemistry in Context website

Publisher's Website (McGraw-Hill)

Chemistry Textbook: Chemistry Of the Environment Chemistry of the Environment, 3rd Edition, August 2011 by University Science Books

Authors: Tom G. Spiro, Kathleen L. Purvis-Roberts, and William M. Stigliani

Publisher's Website (University Science Books)

Other Books & Book Chapters

Half Lives and Half Truths "Unraveling the Secrets of the Past: Contested Versions of Nuclear Testing in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan,"
Werner, C., Purvis-Roberts, K.L.
In Half-Lives and Half-Truths: Confronting the Radioactive Legacies of the Cold War.
Edited by Barbara Rose Johnston. School of American Research, 2007.

Available from Amazon

Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia "Cold War Memories and Post-Cold War Realities: Narratives of the State in the Everyday Life of Kazakhstan’s Radiation Victims,"
Werner, C. and Purvis-Roberts, K.L.
in Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia.
Edited by Madeleine Reeves, Johan Rasanayagam, and Judith Beyer. Indiana University Press
(Accepted June 2012, Publication date: 1/27/2014).

Available from Indiana University Press

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